It was a beautiful day to be outside at the parks Friday. Some Peach County parks are getting some upgrades ahead of baseball season. North and South Peach Park are getting spruced up ahead of spring events and sports like baseball.

"You get the comments, 'Well, we don't know what the score is, we don't know what the inning is. How many outs?'” says Peach County Athletic Director Damian Smith.

He says that is what parents were saying about the park's scoreboards, but now they are saying they have hit a home run with the new upgrades.

"Each scoreboard, I'm going to give an estimate, is at least about $3,900. So the last 2 or 3 years, we have replaced 3 or 4 every year. We have three that just came in yesterday,” explains Smith.

He says they will be replacing 13 scoreboards at more than $50,000 dollars in total. Smith says some of the scoreboards are more than 25 years old.

Rebekah McLaughlin says she remembers playing softball at Peach County's parks years ago. She says the upgrades are a great addition.

"There has been a lot of changes over the years since I was a little girl playing softball here. I love the changes. I love what they've done with the community. Just over the years with all the weather all stuff, they've just been very outdated, so I'm glad they renovated them for the kids nowadays,” says McLaughlin.

After all the upgrades to the parks and baseball diamonds are done, it will be just a few weeks until Peach County parks are ready for kids to play ball. Smith says about 550 children are now registered for the baseball season in Peach County.