The Workforce Development Center in Peach County had its grand opening Thursday. It is helping those in the area become trained in a profession and get jobs.

It offers classes through the Central Georgia Technical College and then helps students get hired by businesses all over the nation. Like Scott Wheeler, who graduated from the program more than 20 years ago and is now a commercial truck driving instructor.

"Stayed with that same company like I said for 11 years and I had a great career. I was offered this position and this is my giving back to students who are going through the same thing that I was going through looking for a career change and a new life,” says Scott Wheeler.

Peach County commissioners say this building has been in the making for about 12 years. But they say the first time around the funding just was not there.

"Since we included 3-million dollars in a SPLOST. That 3-million dollars along with a couple of a half a million dollar grants from the state. It's almost a 5-million dollar investment in Peach County and we think it's very important in the future of just educating our young people and getting them prepared for jobs,” explains the Peach County Commission Chairman Martin Moseley.

Now that the center has been approved the county says it is expected to improve the economy and attract jobs to Peach County.

"Cause when those people come and want to invest in our county they want people who can work and this will be just part of the puzzle to get that taken care of,” says Moseley.

The workforce center was dedicated to former commissioner chairman William Moorehead Senior.