Monday was the first day back to school for students in Dooly, Wilkinson, and Peach County. Day one usually produces a few jitters for parents, students, and even teachers, especially those starting their first year in the classroom.

There's nothing like fresh pencils and paper on the first day of school. For those at Byron Elementary, that day has come.

"The first day of school is a memory for them and their parents, so we want to make it really special. We want all the kids to go home and say, 'I love my teacher,'” says principal Keith Lauritsen.

But there are some things the kids are excited to be back for.

"I'm so excited to come back to school to learn new stuff. If you're nervous a lot, a lot, a lot, then don't think about school, just think about something else in your mind,” says second grader Jasmine Scott.

For some teachers, it is their very first day, like fifth grade English teacher Allison Hinson.

"I've been teaching for a whole, like, 3 or 4 hours,” says Hinson laughing.

She says even teachers get nervous, too, but they have some advice for any first timers.

"It's not going to be perfect, you can't expect everything to be perfect. Also, it goes by in a blur, so just let it happen. The thing they keep telling all of us is that you gotta get them here, get them fed, and get them home,” says Hinson.

For all you parents having a hard time letting your baby go, they say just breathe -- it will all be OK.

"So just speak encouragement to them, positive things to them. Just let them go, we'll take good care of them. We'll return them back the same way you gave them to us,” says second grade teacher Dayvian Hinson.