You may plunk down a quarter for a plate or you may choose to lay down a dollar for a doll. Either way, you can find some fun at the Peaches to Beaches yard sale this weekend.

Billy Rose figures everyone should stop for a yard sale.

"A bought a two-dollar light fixture. It's probably worth $3," he joked. "You know, it looks like a flying saucer, and my wife bought a tea kettle. We don't drink tea, but we've got to learn how to drink tea."

If you check out Georgia's largest yard sale that goes from Barnesville to Brunswick, chances are you will find stuff you never knew you needed.

BJ Whitehead and her husband made a business out of turning things over .

"Those are salt and pepper shakers. We're collecting junk and trying to get rid of it," she said with a smile.

Wanda Pollard feels pretty passionate about her rescue group, Dolly GoodPuppy. All of the sale proceeds will help the pups.

"If we had our own yard sale, we never could have sold this much stuff," she said.

The sale runs all weekend rain or shine. Once again, you will find tables, booths, and folks on Highway 341, and you want to pack some patience. Traffic can clog up in spots, and don't forget, kids tend to dart out between cars.