Georgia State representative Allen Peake says he is helping Georgia families gain access to cannabis oil.

Peake says cannabis oil comes to his Macon office and then is distributed to families who are legally registered to possess cannabis oil for medicinal purposes.

Peake says because federal law prohibits the transporting the substance across state lines, he felt he had to do something to help.

“Does that put me in a grey area of the federal law? Sure. I get that. I get why people would see that. I've seen the difference and the incredible improvement in the quality of life of from hundreds of Georgia citizens who have benefitted from medical cannabis oil, for me it's worth the effort and the risk,” said Peake.

Peake says he is never in possession of more than the legal amount -- which is 20 ounces -- so there is no violation of Georgia law.

Peake also he doesn't charge families for the cannabis oil.

To hear Representative Peake's full interview, watch the video above.