There have been seven pedestrian accidents just on Pio Nono Avenue since January 2015, including one Wednesday that left one man dead.

The Pedestrian Safety Review Board is starting a new campaign called "Cross the Walk," and they hope to educate people with the help of their new mascot, Pedora.

Pedora the Pedestrian will be going around Macon-Bibb County to promote pedestrian safety and crosswalk use.

Pedora will teach other tips like wearing bright-colored clothing and obeying all traffic signals.

Curtis Dugger, the manager at Liberty Inn on Pio Nono Avenue, says Pedora will help get the word out to the public.

"A lot of them really don't understand the law, so this is going to help out as a win-win situation," Dugger says.

He says he sees people constantly crossing the street on foot, and says that parents need to take Pedora's advice to heart.

"Well, I think from this the adult will get that, 'Hey, some of the things we are doing, crossing without a crosswalk with our kids,' that, 'Hey, I don't need to do this because my kids will see me do this and think it's OK,'" he says.

Violet Poe, who created the Cross the Walk campaign, says she got the idea after watching so many people jaywalk in front of her business.

"And you know, some people felt like with them being adults that they knew how to cross the street safely without going to a crosswalk," Poe says.

But Poe knows even adults make bad judgment calls. She lost a friend to a pedestrian accident because he didn't wait to use the crosswalk.

"He was hit and his body was knocked so far and he was killed," she remembers.

So this campaign's goal is to cut the number of pedestrian accidents in Macon-Bibb County so others don't have to experience a tragedy like she has.

Poe says the campaign has 45 ways to help promote pedestrian safety including billboards, radio PSAs, and, of course, Pedora.

The Pedestrian Safety Review Board will debut Pedora Friday in front of Alexander II Magnet School on College Street.

They are also looking for a volunteer to be their male mascot, Peddy the Pedestrian.