People in Central Georgia had a day to catch their breath after two days of severe weather this week.

One of the hardest-hit spots was Laurens County, where a super cell with strong winds rolled through Wednesday.

Ira Ussery is looking at the remnants of what his family once called home.

“I told my wife that we need to do something, but by that time, it was already here,” said Ussery.

The storm ripped off his roof.

“It didn't take any time for this to hit. It was like Bam! Gone!” said Ussery.

With Ussery’s wife, daughter, and grandchild in the mobile home, he said he had to think quick.

“We got to go,” said Ussery. “We got to get in that truck.”

They ran for their lives to a big rig next to his trailer.  

“If that thing hadn't been sitting there, my wife, my granddaughter, and my daughter probably wouldn't be here,” said Ussery.

His daughter, who lives less than 100 feet away, said the strong winds picked up her trailer off its bricks and some of the metal off its sides.

Ussery says he lived in Rentz his whole life and never saw anything like this before. Now they have to deal with picking up the pieces.

“We've been trying to gather up all of our frozen foods,” said Ussery.

The broken glass, leaning walls, and open roof he says can be replaced, but life, that's priceless.

“I'm lucky, said Ussery. “Somebody is looking after me, somebody is looking after my family.”