People lined up bright and early Saturday morning for a chance to win meals for a year at a Macon Huddle House.

The one off Ocmulgee East Boulevard offered the promotion to commemorate the completion of some renovations.

A bargain for 50 cent waffles also enticed some people to get out of bed early.

Some of the customers who lined up said they've been eating there for years.

89-year-old Alfred Mixon eats two meals a day at the restaurant and says it keeps him going.

Manager Mark Dixon says he enjoys meeting the new people that eat there.

“There's new people every day from Germany, from Hawaii, everywhere. They come from everywhere and come see us. People from Japan, China, I just love it. New people from different countries,” said Dixon. “I love to meet different people and [see] how they eat, how they don't eat and everything else. It's a great establishment. Huddle House is a great brand.”