Several homes in the Central Georgia community are without power, so many have turned to local restaurants to score a hot meal.

One restaurant experiencing the heavy traffic is Chick-fil-A on Tom Hill Sr. Blvd. in north Macon.

Marketing Director Angie Herndon says it all started last week when evacuees began rushing in.

They have had to have all hands on deck, but they are thankful for the opportunity to serve the Central Ga. community, and its visitors from Florida.

"We want to serve them as quick as we can because we know that they've had a hard time coming out of Florida and then going back into Florida, and the people who are still without power," Herndon said.

She mentioned that she still does not have power at her own home.

Rose Grimsley is still without power and brought the kids to the restaurant for food, and to have some play time outside in the play area.

"They were trapped inside the house with nothing to do, so I figured I'd bring them somewhere and let them run all that energy out," Grimsley said.

She says they lost power in her household Monday morning around 10:00 a.m., and it has not come back since.

"It's been hard," she added.

Jerome Brazil also ate lunch at Chick-fil-A Wednesday because he does not have power as well, but he says he is expecting it to be back some time tomorrow. He says he's eaten out all three days that he's gone without power.

"I've eaten out everyday since the storm," he said.

A great time for local businesses to serve its community, but a hard time for local residents who are still without power.