We told you Tuesday that Bibb County Mayor Robert Reichert put a plan together to remove homeless people by the Ocmulgee River.

On Monday, county agencies will remove all tents along the river and those who live inside them.

Reichert says they are doing this because they have received several complaints of people panhandling and disrupting families who are trying to spend time in the parks along the river.

Darryl Gadson says he comes to the Ocmulgee Heritage Trail and walks a couple times a month.

“When I first came to the river, I didn’t know what kind of fish populated the river,” said Gadson.

He says he decided to stop and look.

“A guy saw me and I asked him what kind of fish populated, and he knew more about this area than some of the signs that are posted up,” said Gadson.

Gadson says he later found out the man was homeless and lived by the river.

“They’re very helpful and kind. Often kinder than the people that are in society,” said Gadson.

He says he was upset when he found out Reichert is making all the homeless people move away from the river.

“It’s bad enough whatever happened to each individual person. Some military, some just down on their luck, some probably just caught a bad break in the stock market,” said Gadson.

Victor Montford says he agrees with Gadson. He says he does not think the homeless should be forced to leave.

“I don’t see them causing a problem,” said Montford.

Montford says if the county is going to do anything, they should just patrol the area more.

“I don’t see a problem with it except for the littering mainly. There’s a lot of trash that winds up down the river,” says Montford.

Gadson says he is worried for those people who have always been so kind to him because there is no plan in place for where these people will go.

“I would say that the construction out here is more of a hindrance than the people that’re peacefully just camping out and just trying to piece their life back together,” said Gadson.