The Salvation Army is opening its doors to help those look for a place to stay warm.

They say Tuesday and Wednesday night, they gave shelter to more than 100 people. One of those people is Kopara Wright. He says finding a place to sleep usually means a spot outside.

“When you don’t got nowhere to go, it's rough,” says Wright.

But on a cold winter night, Wright says that is not an option.

“You can be really messed up out here because, you know, with the weather and the way the crime is nowadays. It’s kind of bad out here in the streets,” says Wright.

David Worrell says when temperatures start to drop, he also panics.

“Freeze, yeah, start getting purple hands and everything,” says Worrell.

But Worrell says being cold is not the only concern he has being homeless in freezing temperatures.

“Cars could slide on the ice and everything. You could be walking down the road and get hit by someone,” says Worrell.

Both Wright and Worrell say when they found out The Salvation Army was opening warming shelters, their fear disappeared.

“I thank God for The Salvation Army. There’s a lot of people just look around people don’t got nowhere to go,” says Wright.

The Salvation Amy says they will take in anyone who needs a place to stay, but they say you must come to the location on Broadway first. Then they will transport you to a shelter.

They say they will be taking in people through Wednesday night and they will be open Thursday.