The state of Georgia awarded Perry a $722,000 grant to help revitalize a few streets in one of its neighborhoods.

Perry Sand Hill neighborhood

Tiffany Green lives in the Sand Hill neighborhood on Edward Street.

It's one of the streets expected to benefit from the Community Development Block Grant Award.

Green says it will help.

“Yes, we do need it, there's a lot of houses around here that need to be built up,” Green said in her living room.

Green has rented her home for 5 years. She says it needs work because the ceiling is starting to fall apart and there's mold in the bathroom. But, she says she and her neighborhood appreciate the city's effort to get the money.

“It means a lot to me. It means they're really trying to do something, some work in this area. The Sand Hill area,” Green said.

The money will go to Bill, Better, Jeanne, and Edward streets in the Sand Hill neighborhood.

The city says they will rehab 8 homes, reconstruct 3, and clear 5 blighted properties.

This is the city's second grant related to revitalizing the neighborhood and Councilman Willie King says it shows their hard work is paying off.

“As we continue to do revitalization, we were able to get more money to continue it. We've got 183 homes in that neighborhood and we're able to continue help improve the community. And that was so exciting for us, mayor and council and the administration here,” King explained.

$1.6 million is set to go to the Sand Hill neighborhood from the two grants and smaller matching local funds.

The city of Perry says this will directly help 77 people who live in those targeted homes. They say they’ve already started work in the Sand Hill area and this new grant will allow them to continue it.