It looked like their season might be coming to an early end.

A week ago, 55 show pigs were killed in a barn fire and dozens of Perry FFA students were suddenly without animals.

"I was just devastated," said Perry High School junior Levi Martin.

It was "the worst moment of my teaching career," said Perry Middle School agriculture teacher Ashley Whiddon.

Whiddon thought this was it.

"We all said to ourselves, 'We're done. Like we just need to pick up the pieces and have a better show season next year,'" said Whiddon.

But then the phone started ringing, and ringing, and ringing.

Area codes from Texas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Florida flashed on Perry FFA administrators' phones.

The calls poured in from around the country offering supplies, equipment and animals.

Saturday morning, about 35 of those replacement pigs arrived.

Tessa Farmer from Farmer's Show Pigs delivered some of those animals. Even though her own pigs compete against Perry FFA, she said the decision to give was easy.

By Monday, all of the pigs lost in the fire will be replaced, but it wasn't just animals that were replaced.

Supplies, equipment and a temporary barn have all been donated.

A group of construction companies is also planning on rebuilding Perry's own barn free of charge.

Perry High School Principal Del Martin says what's happened is almost divine.

"Coming up this Monday, we'll have all the kids taken care of...this is truly a miracle for us," said Martin.

And as for how Perry students are feeling about their chances at the state show after all this, Perry High student Trey Garbett says you can never count them out.

"Perry FFA always has a good year...there ain't no doubt about it, we'll have a good year," said Garbett.