One Perry team wants folks to show their pride and help clean up their neighborhood as soon as possible.

Gabrielle Dawkins took a trip to Perry to get the details on this community cleanup.

Brenda Jones has lived in Perry for 69 years and says that when she rides down the street, she can see some trash along her beautiful neighborhood.

"Whatever they had to eat, they didn't care where they throw it out at, they just put it outside the road," said Jones.

She says that although some people don't follow the rule, 'If you drop it, pick it up,' she says her neighbors do.

"We got one neighbor across the street, if he see paper or something in the road, he'll pick it up and put it in the trash can,” says Jones. "That's mostly what we do. We try to keep our neighborhood clean," says Jones.

Coming up this Saturday at Johnny Noble Dixon Park in Perry at 8:30 a.m., the Perry Housing Team is hosting its Fall Neighborhood Cleanup and it lasts until noon.

"We'll have gloves for you and the only thing you need to do is just show up," says Phelps.

Volunteer William Phelps says that he has seen it all, from tires to bottles being hauled off in truckloads of trash.

"There was trash everywhere. I mean, you should have seen it. Oh, it was bad," said Phelps. "We care not only about our community and our neighborhood, we care about the people that live in the neighborhood."

As for those litterers in the community, Jones has a few words for them.

"They need to stop. If we're trying to keep our neighborhood clean, they should try, too," says Jones.

Jones is hoping that when people drive past her block, they think twice before dropping their unwanted trash.

To volunteer this Saturday, contact Habitat for Humanity at 478-328-3388.