The city of Perry got one step closer to a new park after Flint Energies awarded the city a $10,000 grant.

There's not much publicly accessible land off of Arena road near Highway 341 in Perry right now, but for at least one part of the land, that could be changing.

One day City of Perry officials hope the empty land will be a destination park, like the already-built Rozar Park.

Features could potentially include a recreation center, athletic fields, large playground, walking trails and a water feature.

Perry Director of Economic Development Robert Smith says a $10,000 grant from Flint Energies helped the city take some early steps toward making the new park a reality.

"We're still working on the plan obviously that's part of what this grant's gonna allow us to do, but we're thinking it's gonna be a very comprehensive place that's gonna attract people from all over the state," says Smith.

He says that the city's current recreation infrastructure has already helped draw people to the area.

"This past year, the City of Perry did 350 new homes, which is the biggest year we've ever had since we actually started tracking that data," says Smith.

Perry Recreation and Leisure Services director Kevin Dye says the facilities help keep people healthy once they get there.

"That's what we're wanting to provide our citizens: opportunities to do things for their health, for their wellness and just for their overall happiness in their city," says Dye.

Jay Flesher, the Director of Community and Economic Development at Flint Energies, says this was a chance for the company to help one of the areas it operates in.

"If we grow as a community and this is a great place to live, it's a win-win for all of us," says Flesher.

Dye says it could be about five years before the project is complete, but thanks in part to Flint Energies, the project is moving forward.

Flesher added that the money for the grant came from a surplus in the company's operational budget.