Rylee Edgar loves her animals, especially her cat Moe.

“He’s my favorite thing in the whole world,” Edgar said.

She says Moe freely roams wherever, inside or out.

On Thursday afternoon, while Moe was roaming the neighborhood, someone shot him in the spine.

“[It’s] a complete and total shock,” Edgar said. “That was the absolute last thing I saw coming.”

Since then, Moe has undergone surgery at the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Athens and is recovering.

“At this point, we’re not sure if he’s going to walk again or be able to go to the bathroom on his own again,” Edgar said. “It’s just really unclear.”

While she waits to bring him home, she wants answers for why someone chose to pull the trigger on Moe.

She says Moe is not the only pet that travels outside his yard in the neighborhood and that he isn’t the first cat that has been injured or killed there either.

“I just can’t believe that somebody would willingly, knowingly, intentionally, do that to any living thing,” Edgar said.

She hopes other pet owners keep their furry friends close to home while police investigate and hopefully find the gunman.

“There is somebody here who I can’t even comprehend the cruelty they are capable of,” Edgar said.

Edgar set up a fundraising website to help with Moe’s medical bills.

You’d like to help, click here.