Thousands of people leaving the coast are not leaving their pets behind.

Many places in Central Georgia are banding together to provide a safe environment for those animals.

Angela Moye from Savannah says she experienced storms near her home before and didn’t want to live through that situation again.

“Being born and raised and living on the coast, we knew if it came, it was not going to be good, and we live on one of the barrier islands, so we chose not to stay,” said Moye.

Moye grabbed her three pets, hopped in the car with her family, and headed west on I-16.

However, with the pets, she couldn't book just any hotel.

“Having pets and wanting to take them with me very much limited our choices of where to stay as far as pet-friendly hotels, so when we knew there would be lots of people leaving Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, we went with the first one we could find that was pet-friendly,” said Moye.

But for people who can't find those hotels, there's an alternative. Local animal shelters like Northside-Wesleyan Animal Hospital have space available.

Dr. Edsol Davis, a veterinarian at Northside says this week, evacuees called his office to board animals.

“We provide food, water, and we provide any medicines that they might need while they're here, and we do this on a regular basis,” said Davis.

As for Moye she's hoping to come home to a house with minimal damage.

“We'd love to come home to power, but we won't be surprised if we don't. As long as we're safe and we're all here together, we're good. We can replace everything that we left behind,” said Moye.

Moye knew she could never replace her pet.

Animal shelters accepting pets are the following:

- Riverside Animal Hospital

- Hudspeth Animal Hospital

- North Macon Park

If you have donkeys or horses that you would like to house, contact

- Vaughn Farms

At Vaughn Farms through Facebook.