A high-paying manufacturing job could be in your future if a prospective company comes to Macon-Bibb. The project currently called Project Ginger would bring a brand new manufacturing plant to Macon-Bibb. According to the Macon-Bibb County Industrial Authority, the unnamed company plans to invest $350 million on infrastructure in the county, and phase one would employ 225 people.

Macon-Bibb is already home to a few big manufacturing plants like Kumho Tire and First Quality Plastics, but this new company could be even bigger.

“$350 million investment, 200 plus jobs in phase one, high quality head of household jobs,” Clifford Whitby, chair of the Macon-Bibb County Industrial Authority said.

He says to possibly get that company here, it’s taken a lot of negotiations.

“Instead of taxes they’ll be what is called pilot payments,” Whitby said. “That will allow us to fund the infrastructure and the necessary incentives that was agreed to entice the company to locating in Macon-Bibb.”

Before they could make the final offer to the unnamed company, the Bibb school board had to sign off.
School Board member Lester Miller says the new positions will include jobs Bibb high school graduates will be qualified to fill.

“We need to have a trained workforce, so we’ve done that part ourselves by doing the college and career academies,” Miller said. “We need to have jobs for them to go to, so this is the second part of that, so we're looking forward to our students being educated enough because of what type of business are coming, so we can provide the training tools that they need to get these jobs.”

Whitby says even though the deal isn’t done just yet, he thinks it’s only the beginning of a strong industrial future for Macon-Bibb.

“Macon is on fire and people around the country and internationally recognize the assets we have in Macon,” Whitby said.

The industrial authority plans to make a formal announcement Friday morning.