Talk of the I-16 and I-75 interchange project has been going on for many years. Now some Pleasant Hill residents want answers about the abandoned homes left by the Georgia Department of Transportation.

Cherol Burke's door in Pleasant Hill has always been open to guests since she moved in in 1974.

"The neighborhood is a beautiful neighborhood. We have some beautiful people in the community,” says Burke.

But she says the abandoned houses and blight in her neighborhood have brought rodent problems.

"Some nights, we want to sit out on our porch. We can't sit on the porch. We got possums, we got raccoons, even snakes be in the streets,” explains Burke.

She says some of the abandoned homes, owned by the Georgia Department of Transportation, have even brought squatters.

"I wish they would either come move them or tear them down because we don't know who's living inside of these homes,” says Burke.

She recalled that even the empty house across the street was burned down by a squatter. She says it is GDOT's responsibility to take care of the blight or tear the houses down.

"We need something done about our community or do something to make it a better place,” says Burke.

She says the homes were bought as a part of the I-16 and I-75 interchange project years ago. Burke says it's time something is done with them.

"If I pay $100 or if I paid $1,000, I'd still like to be comfortable about where I'm living,” Burke says.

She also says she would like to be comfortable about the conditions in her neighborhood as well.

We reached out to the Georgia Department of Transportation to find out what they might do about the abandoned homes but have not gotten a response yet. Four infrastructure projects in Bibb County are on the list of construction plans. It will cost $4.3 million.