People in the Pleasant Hill Community are speaking up about the new multipurpose field being built on Wise Avenue.

WMAZ reported two weeks ago that the Bibb commission approved taking down 22 properties to put in sporting grounds for less than $2 million.

After our report, we got an anonymous letter sent to us from a member of the community saying that several people want the county to use the money to build new homes rather than put in the field.

One woman who lives in the area, Arnetta Davis, says she thinks the field is a good idea, but they should put some of the money towards fixing up other blighted homes in the area.

“I do believe that if you’re going to invest $2 million in the neighborhood, that you should look and consider the entire neighborhood,” said Davis.

Another member of the Pleasant Hill Community, Saheen Clemons, says he thinks the multipurpose field will benefit the community more so than building new homes.

“There's nothing there, so for the kids to get out of school and to have something to look towards it’ll be good for them and it’s more space and you know you can see more. You won’t have to worry about the kids getting into any mess,” said Clemons.

The county says construction on the project is set to begin in January.