Warner Robins Police issued a public alert Tuesday after at least seven people overdosed in Houston County in the last 48 hours.

A news release says officers believe a strand of tainted Percocet is the cause of the overdoses that left victims on ventilators.

The pill was described as being visually similar to real Percocet, but thicker and glossier.

Patients were found unresponsive when EMS arrived.

"This is very dangerous,” Warner Robins Police spokeswoman Jennifer Parson said. “It looks a lot like Percocet. This isn't a drug you're going to find at your pharmacist, your doctor’s office, or something that's being prescribed to you. This is something that is coming off of the street and unfortunately someone is playing with your lives.”

Police believe the pills were obtained on the street and they ask people to stop purchasing drugs off the streets.

The unidentified victims are between the ages of 25-60.

Lt. Randy Gonzalez with the Bibb County Sheriff's office says they responded to a similar overdose call on Monday. That brings the total to eight overdoses in Central Georgia in just a few days.

"If you see that drug or something that may be one of these tainted drugs we really want you to come forward and let us know so we can nail down where this is coming from and stop the spread of it," Parson said.

Anyone with information should call WRPD at 478-302-5380.