With Thanksgiving just days away, shoppers and thieves are lurking for opportunity.

Dublin Police Chief Tim Chatman has a few tips for local businesses looking to keep themselves safe this holiday season.

"We do have cameras; they are all throughout the store at different areas," said Kelly Hightower. "We also have a side door here that we keep locked during the day and it says ‘Please use front entrance’ and so that we have one way in and one way out."

Hightower started her business Mint Boutique three years ago and says that safety has always been a priority.

"We do have the alarm button under the cash register, so if anything were to happen it would silently call the police," said Hightower.

She says that her store was never robbed, but there was a moment that raised an eyebrow.

"We had a few guys come in and try to check the place out," said Hightower.

She says the men asked employees questions that prompted Hightower to call the police.

"Do you work here alone? Are other people in the back? Where do we keep the money at night?" said Hightower.

Chatman says he encourages businesses to be on alert.

"When we hit our Christmas season, you see a spike in crime. Entering autos, burglaries, etc. The main thing that they're looking for is money," said Hightower.

He says a new initiative for local businesses is to keep no cash in the register overnight and to change up your routine daily.

"If you're going to a bank to make your drop off, especially at night when the business is closed, try to offset your routine," said Chatman.

Hightower says that she wants everyone to shop safe this season.

"It's always important. You know you always want to watch out for your staff. You want to watch out for your customers," said Hightower.

Chatman hopes this discourages thieves as the department looks for different ways to make business owners safe.

The Dublin Police Department will host a meeting on November 30 at 6 p.m. to show people how to record their items along with a list of extra safety tips.