As the investigation continues into the murder of Samuel Poss, 13 WMAZ spent Friday in Perry talking to people that knew Sam.

They described him as a funny guy who could make you smile.

“He was always kind. I've never once seen him angry. I never saw any anger come out from him, he was always wanting to help, was always gentle. He never really, he never really talked too much, but he was always there for you,” Taylor Smith said.

Smith was in the Perry High School band with Samuel Poss and currently lives with Sam's brother. He said Sam was musically gifted and could make him laugh even without saying a word.

Smith described what it felt like to hear the news.

“I was still kind of asleep when I found out. His mom came in the house, honestly I didn't feel anything, I was numb,” he said.

Marc Lee's daughter was in the band with Poss as well. He says from all that he's heard, Poss was a good kid.

“She just said he was a loveable goofy guy. He always had an answer for everything, he could make you smile when you were going through a hard time. He was just fun to be around, never knew what he was going to say, never knew what he was going to come up with, but it was always something to make you smile or make you laugh,” Marc Lee explained.

Both Smith and Lee said the Perry high school band honored Poss on Friday. They said Poss often dressed in gray and once came to a football game with mismatched socks. Smith described it as a happy memory.

So, band members wore mismatched socks and gray clothes to remember him.

Samuel Poss was 18-years-old.