Now that much of Central Georgia is rebuilding after Irma last week, many businesses in Ingleside say they are just glad to have power again.

Business is back to normal at Karsten and Denson Hardware in Ingleside.

You probably could not even tell they were without power for almost a week after Irma. With people needing light, the hardware store got creative.

"We just put a small table at the front door and everybody got flashlights, mountedt them to our heads or holding them in our hands and just walked around and filled the orders that way,” said owner Johnny Davis.

Although they were still getting business, it was not as much as normal.

"A lot of people didn't' do other things that they would normally do, like it's about time to plant fall gardens. So, even though we were open we didn't do more business than we normally would have,” explained Davis.

At the Georgia Market House down the street, they say they lost some produce and flowers.

"All the flowers were lost. Some of the fruit was okay but you can't keep cherries and grapes and things like that not refrigerated. But it was hard to see in the dark. I would have to go outside to check a bow out and see if it was the right color,” said owner Pam Pearson.

She says after 15 years of business, they have never been out of power for this long. However, it did not stop her from helping customers.

"I had to show them plants and things in the dark and they picked out some things and that was good but it was just different,” says Pearson.

She says sometimes it takes being in the dark for a little while, to bring to light all that you have.

Some of the businesses there say after not having power for a week, many customers flooded the stores this weekend to get what they needed.