Pillows, a queen-sized mattress, and plenty of blankets fill the inside of the Fair family's front yard tent.

After three days without power, BJ and Jenny Fair came up with a plan.

"Well, actually, I told him that he should camp out in the front yard," says Jenny.

After a break-in up the street, this family wanted to make sure burglars knew their home wasn't vacant.

"We thought it would be a good idea just to make our presence known on the street to let people know that there was someone out there watching," says BJ.

So a neighborhood watch of sorts came to life Wednesday night by the firelight and a bag of marshmallows.

But as the hours ticked away, time seemed to stand still for this family.

"We were actually starting to like it in some ways," says Jenny.

Because sometimes in darkness, you find a little light.

"Just having a lot of family time was nice," says Jenny.

And although their power returned Thursday night, the crew decided to sleep in the tent just one more night.

"We're going to roast marshmallows and sleep in the tent again tonight, because the tent is already up and what else would you do with a tent in the front yard?" says BJ.