It was a blue sky day Friday afternoon, but with tropical storm Nate in the Gulf, there's a chance that could change in the coming days.

Whatever Nate brings our way, Flint Energies says they're ready.

"You can't say, 'Is it going to move east is it going to move west?' You have to plan for the worst and hope for the best," said Flint Energies senior vice president Jimmy Autry. "We're absolutely doing that. We're going through all the motions as if it's going to be another big storm because it's always ready to be ready than not ready."

Georgia Power is also keeping track of the storm. In a phone call with their spokesman Craig Bell, he said the company is doing what it always does when it comes to severe weather: monitoring the storm around the clock and preparing to allocate its resources where they're needed.

Georgia Power central region vice president Ron shipman echoed that message, saying "we're watching the track, we're seeing what happens and then we will respond accordingly just like Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey."

The energy companies are getting ready and they urge their customers to do the same.

According to Autry, Flint Energies is telling people to be prepared for anything. "The one thing that surprised folks three weeks ago was that we can't guarantee the power will come back on in one hour or two hours or three hours."

The track of the storm will largely determine which areas are most affected by the tropical storm Nate.