City leaders and Warner Robins Police are still deciding whether to amend the city's security camera ordinance.

Warner Robins' new security camera ordinance proposal is raising a lot of questions for business owners. More than a dozen business owners came to a meeting for clarity on what the ordinance means for their business today.

The changes would require business owners to turn over security footage to Warner Robins Police one hour after a crime has been reported.

Police Chief Brett Evans says, if it passes, the ordinance wouldn't apply to every business.

"This is just the convenience stores, the sell of alcohol of premises and if you have a gaming machine," Evans said.

Those are the only businesses that are listed under the current city ordinance. Other business will not be affected.

The ordinance will affect Gregory Miller who manages the Express Stop on Russell Parkway.

"When something like that happens, you want to get to the bottom of it.," Miller said.

Miller says if his business was in danger, he wouldn't even wait an hour. "The longer time it takes the more chances a person has to get away."

He says he'd give police his surveillance video immediately.

That video could help investigators get criminals off the streets sooner.

Evans says businesses that are not under the original city ordinance can share their security footage with police at anytime when a crime is committed.

The City Council is expected to vote on the amendment at their next meeting this month.