A new Dollar General could be coming to Monroe County, and some residents are not happy about it.

Last week, Monroe County Planning and Zoning voted to rezone a plot of land at the corner of Highway 87 and Dames Ferry Road from "agricultural" to "commercial."

Commissioner Greg Tapley says Teramore Development, LLC is the company who wants to build a new Dollar General store on the land.

"I am just opposed to a Dollar General being in this area," says Monroe County resident, Wendie Harris. "We don't need another Dollar General in the area, there is another one up the street at the next intersection."

Chelsea Beimfohr drove about 7 miles up Highway 87 and found another Dollar General store.

"I don't feel safe working at one," says Monroe County resident, Kristina Reid.

Reid is a teenager looking for a job near her home, but she says she wouldn't even consider applying at the proposed new store.

"There are so many robberies at Dollar Generals, I couldn't imagine being an employee," says Reid.

According to Sgt. Lawson Bittick with the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, deputies have responded to the Dollar General that's already built on Highway 87 over a dozen times for alarms, thefts, and 1 robbery since it opened in 2015.

And in Bibb County, Sgt. Linda Howard with the Bibb Sheriff's office says there have been 9 robberies at dollar stores across the county just since June 1st.

"I don't want this in my community," says Harris.

A clerk at the Rum Creek convenience store across the street from the proposed location says she and the owner are concerned the new store could run them out of business.

So they started a petition, which has 30-40 signatures from Monroe County residents who are also concerned.

"I personally, definitely do not want this in my neighborhood, I think we need to vote this down, and we're depending on our county commissioners to do that," says Harris.

Tuesday night, there will be a public hearing before the Monroe County Board of Commissioners makes a final vote about the property.