The Pulaski County Sheriff's Office is recruiting some new detectives.

These investigators, though, are actually local students.

The Sheriff’s Office has started a rock scavenger hunt in order to encourage students to learn more about local history.

Here’s how it works:

They hide the painted rocks at different locations around Hawkinsville and then give clues on where to find them on their Facebook page.

When a child finds a rock, they bring it to the Sheriff's Office, and in return, they get a backpack full of school supplies.

Kay Anderson, the office manager, says they started doing this last week and have already seen a great response.

She says she wants every child to feel included have the opportunity to get everything they need to start the school year out right.

Not only do they want it to be a learning experience about the history in their city, but they want this to be an activity the whole family can take part in together.

Some of the places the rocks have popped up include the courthouse, old fire station, and the boat landing.

For anyone who wants to join in, they just go to the "Sheriff Danny Brannen" page on Facebook and follow the latest set of hints.

Anderson says, so far, they have hidden about 20 rocks. Different local sponsors donate either money or school supplies for the prizes.

She wants to encourage other communities to start programs that get students and their families out and about, and maybe learn a few fun facts in the process.

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