Halloween lurks around the corner, and the Forest Hills United Methodist Church pumpkin patch is packed with pumpkins.

But lately, there's been a problem.

"It's hard to think of Halloween and pumpkins when its 90 degrees outside," visitor Chuck Clark says.

In the past week, Macon broke record high temperatures three times.

The warmest? 94 degrees!

But, a chilling change is upon us.

"The closer we get to Halloween, the busier we get, plus the weather is getting cool, and people will want to come out and bring their families to buy a pumpkin," volunteer at Forest Hills, Linda Brooks says.

Weather not only affects attendance at the pumpkin Patch, but it can actually affect the pumpkins themselves, they're placed on palates like these to protect them from soiling in the rain.

Now, if you want your pumpkin to last a little bit longer, Brooks says, it really just depends what you do with it.

"We had a lady in our church who kept one for a year on her patio, so if you don't carve it they will last way through.. you know month, but if you carve it, they don't last that long."

Chuck Clark plans to keep his pumpkin untouched. He visited today with a scary long list to check off.

"four kids, fourteen grandchildren, and two great grand children, so I may as well buy all of them."

Pumpkins, that preface traditions.

"This is our 22nd year," Brooks continues, "We've got people that have been here since they're babies, they're bringing their kids, the'yre bringing their grandkids."

All in hopes that Fall doesn't fade.

The Forest Hills United Methodist patch is open Monday through Friday 11am-7pm, Saturday from 10am-7pm, and Sunday 12:30pm-7pm. The patch will be open on Halloween, too.

Proceeds go to their backpack ministry which helps feed over 1,000 children in need a week.