Just in time for Halloween, it's National Pumpkin Day. One local farmer said you can do more than just carve and pick pumpkins. Our Yvonne Thomas went to the Dirt Farm to learn how.

Joe “Joe Dirt” Zawacki is the farmer and owner of the Dirt Farm. “We like to grow everything that is incredible, and edible, and funky,” said Joe Dirt.

Joe Dirt said pumpkins are his favorite vegetable to grow. “We really only grow one kind of orange pumpkin,” said Dirt. “This is called the Touch of Bottom.”

Dirt said pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes. “The more peanuts it has on the flesh, the sweeter it is,” said Dirt.

And on National Pumpkin Day, pumpkins can be more than decoration. “Anything that you can put in a squash recipe you can actually use pumpkin as a substitute,” said Joe Dirt. From pumpkin smoothies to pumpkin chili, Joe Dirt says the options are endless.

Not only are pumpkins are really good for people to eat, they’re also good for your pets. “Yes, it is safe for pets to eat pumpkins,” said Dr. Hayes Fyke, Veterinarian Plantation Centre Animal Hospital. “Not the skin of the pumpkin. We often times will recommend a pumpkin that you and I would consume as a source of fiber for dogs and cats.”

Hayes Fyke with Plantation Centre Animal Hospital says... You shouldn't give your pet a whole pumpkin to eat, but a small portion is best.