Christie Salois opened the dumpster behind her Peachtree City store and saw two black eyes staring back at her. They belonged to a puppy left for dead.

On Sunday, March 20, Christie Salois, a Companion Animal manager with Petco, found a whining puppy in a dumpster at their store.

"I went outside to do our garbage. Typically we take it out at night but there was some extra the night before so I decided to just do it. When I opened the door and saw two little eyes and heard whining, I saw that there was a little puppy in there," she said.

She saw a shopping cart thrown in on top of the poor pup in order to prevent her from getting out.

Salois brought the dog inside and rushed her to the backroom "trying not to cry".

Luckily for her, workers from BullyWag Inc, an animal rescue organization, was there and offered their assistance.

"It was like a light shining down when I saw Steve," Salois said.

Steven Cartwright volunteers with BullyWag Inc. and happened to be at Petco with a greyhound rescue.

Cartwright suggested putting the puppy in a pen next to the greyhounds and said that she had an "unceasing flow of folks playing with her, showing kindness only minutes after such evil was done to her."

"I was in the right place at the right time," Salois said. According to Salois, Cartwright affectionately named the puppy Christy, after her rescuer.

BullyWag Inc. took Christy (the puppy) into its care and Salois said that they were taking the puppy to a vet to get a check up today and will stay overnight for observation.

"She looked very healthy and the only thing wrong with her is her right eye has some scar tissue or something wrong with it."

According to Cartwright, the puppy may lose her eye due to her injury. Jonnie Craig, another volunteer at BullyWag Inc., is looking for a foster home and "depending on the puppy's health, she will be taken to BullyWags' Saturday adoptions at Petco."

A happy ending for this cute pup and we hope she finds her forever home.