It’s been a week to the day since two inmates allegedly overpowered and killed two Georgia state correctional officers during a routine transport.

At the first press conference when the manhunt began, Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills briefly mentioned the existence of video recordings from the bus that show exactly how the incident played out.

We spoke with him Tuesday and asked him to walk us through the series of events that culminated in the deaths of Sgt. Curtis Billue and Sgt. Christopher Monica.

He says the video shows Donnie Rowe and Ricky Dubose were not handcuffed at the time, but investigators are unsure as to how the two were able to get them off.

He also said they are unsure as to how the inmates opened the door separating the officers from the inmates, but it was ‘definitely closed,’ and only took them seconds to get through.

Whether the door was locked or jammed by the two inmates is unknown.

He says once they got through the door, the officers were immediately assaulted and gunfire started in in the following 2-3 seconds.

The inmates then kicked out a window pane and made their escape from the scene.

Sills says he wants it to be clear that he doesn’t care how the two inmates killed the officers; they had no right to escape and kill them.

Due to the video being evidence in an ongoing investigation, it will not be released at this time.