Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills sent a letter to the public thanking those in the County that showed their support to the Sheriff's Office over the last ten days.

Jacob Reynolds visited one of the businesses mentioned in Sills letter. What they did is a story straight from the heart.

As news was breaking of the two inmates' escape in Putnam County Stella Dean and Victoria Allen were watching on their office's only television.

Dean called it a scary day at the Putnam Finance Company.

“It was very, it wasn't a good feeling here. Everybody was scared, constantly you seen them go by,” she said.

The massive police presence in town made them think about what law enforcement officers were going through.

“Being from a small town we know all of them, so that's why. We knew that there was no time for them to take lunch, they weren't worried about that, they were worried about catching the guys,” Dean said.

So they picked up the phone and dialed the local Pizza Hut. Then Allen went by, picked it up, and took six large pizzas and breadsticks to the Sheriff's Office.

“Some of them looked like they were tired and when I walked in they were helping me with the door and they were so happy to have lunch. Before I could even take the picture with the guys, they were coming up with plates,” Allen said with a laugh.

It was an act of kindness that cost about $70, but showed a business' support for law enforcement.

“Well not just for this situation but for every day. Waking up every day not knowing whether you're going to your family or not. Thank you. Thank you for everything,” Allen said.

The two said the Sheriff's public thank you wasn't necessary, but appreciated.

They weren’t the only business singled out in Sills’ letter. He thanked a handful of other individuals, businesses, and groups for their support over the last 10 days.

Read his full letter below.

“To the citizens of Putnam County,

A tragic event of ineffable description unfortunately occurred in our community last Tuesday. Two state correctional officers were brutally murdered by two escaping convicts whom were being transferred from one prison to another. They subsequently carjacked one of our residents and fled in his car.

Within minutes of this vicious crime, my fellow sheriffs from all of our surrounding counties responded to the scene. Shortly afterwards the largest contingent of local, state, and federal law enforcement officers that I have ever seen in my 43 plus years as a lawman descended on Putnam County to help in the capture of the criminals.

While this manhunt was going on, innumerable people brought food and beverages to the sheriff’s office. I wish to personally extend my sincere thanks to Mr. Don Johnson, the Eatonton Police Dept., the Georgia Dept. of Corrections, Crossroads Baptist Church, Ingles, Mrs. Marlene Richards, Putnam Finance Company, Mrs. Marla Brock, and the Baldwin Backlashers Club for all of the things you brought to the sheriff’s office. If there was someone or some company that I left off, please forgive me and rest assured you also have our utmost gratitude.

I want to further express my humble gratitude to the scores of people who called, texted, and emailed their support and thanks to me and my staff. The people of Putnam County have always responded to disaster with rapid, generous outpourings of assistance and support. You have much to be proud of, and I am so very proud to be your sheriff.

Howard R. Sills, Sheriff”