Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills says he did not hear Friday's press conference, where officials released their findings about how inmates Donnie Rowe and Ricky DuBose made their escape after allegedly killing Sgt. Christopher Monica and Officer Curtis Billue.

However, he did hear about some of the new policies that the Georgia Department of Corrections proposed as a result of the incident.

After the deadly escape, the department of corrections implemented changes to their prison transport procedures that range from new pre-boarding checklists to additional supervisors being involved in the process. They also implemented a permanent trail vehicle that will follow prison transport busses.

"This was a DOC bus being operated by the DOC. They develop their own procedures and policies, and their policies are not binding on my personnel under any circumstances," Sills said.

He says he thinks the processes and procedures that they had in place were adequate and his concentration is going to be "convicting these two individuals and hopefully sentencing them to death."

<p>Ricky Dubose (left) and Donnie Rowe. (Rutherford County, Tenn. Sheriff's Office)</p>

In the mean time, during Friday's press conference, the sheriff was headed to Tennessee to deliver reward money and interview a few witnesses in the case.

"We divided that money up three different ways between people that provided information that aided us in the apprehension of these criminals," he said. "We're not going to release their names."

He will be delivering three checks worth approximately $30,000 dollars, which he described as two-thirds of the total amount of reward money offered in the case.

The remainder of the money and how it will be dispersed is in the hands of other agencies, according to Sills.