In 2004, Heather Rumph was driving home from school when a car ran her off the road.

She was not wearing her seat belt and was thrown 81 feet from the car.

The accident left Heather as what doctors call an "incomplete quadriplegic." That means her spinal cord was not severed and she is very slowly gaining motion back in her limbs.

This progression gives Heather hope so when people asked about her condition.

"I said, 'No, I'm not paralyzed, I just can't move right now," Heather says.

Her mother says her daughter's strength is remarkable.

"She keeps moving on. I mean, I don't know I just don't know how she does it... She's just always had a positive attitude," Joni Rumph says.

As her family looks back, it brings back memories of how Heather coped with her injuries.

"She's come a long way Lily because she used to drive the chair with her mouth," Joni says.

After just four months of recovery, Heather graduated with her high school class, but she wasn't able follow her dream to further her education another obstacle stood in her way.

Heather's only means of transportation right now is a van over 20 years old. She says that it breaks down frequently and the lift equipment sometimes doesn't work, and to add to that, there's no AC, so it frequently overheats.

"It's rough, to say the least," Heather says.

Heather says they've already put $5,000 into the van they have now and they have hit the end of their rope.

Heather says this is just another obstacle life's given her, and once she's able to get a new set of wheels, she'll be well on her way to her dream of getting a degree.

Heather says she needs your help to make it to her goal of $40,000 so she can get a wheelchair accessible van.

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