Two candidates announced new endorsements Monday morning in the race for Georgia's next governor.

Republican and current Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp released a list of over 50 endorsements from local elected officials -- including commissioners and chairmen from Twiggs, Telfair, and Dooly counties.

Meanwhile, Stacey Evans, one of two Democrat candidates for governor, has picked up an endorsement from former Georgia Governor Roy Barnes. Barnes announced his endorsement in a news release Monday morning. He was elected governor of Georgia in 1998, and was the state's most recent Democrat governor.

Here's everyone who has announced their candidacy for governor so far:

The Republicans:

-Casey Cagle, current Georgia Lt. Governor

-Brian Kemp, current Georgia Secretary of State

-Michael Williams, state senator for Georgia state District 27

-Hunter Hill, state senator for Georgia state District 6.

The Democrats:

-Stacey Abrams, Georgia House Minority leader and representative for state district 89

-Stacey Evans, representative for Georgia state district 42

Libertarians (Third Party):

-Doug Craig

Click here to see Kemp's full list of endorsements.

As of Monday, Evans has not announced any other endorsements.