If you have the need for speed, the Magnolia Soap Box Derby was just the place for you.

Drivers pulled out all the stops to have the fastest and most creative cars Saturday.

WMAZ captured them as they raced and sometimes crashed down the hill on Magnolia Street.

New models of cars lined Magnolia Street hill including: a mustard car, a dental car, and a Star Wars car, but it was the Mentor's Project car that took home the best in show award and they had quite a ride.

The man behind the wheel, Dequavios Rouse, says it took them about three days to get the car together once they got the supplies.

“We had paint, wood and stuff like that. We had to put the wheels and stuff on there,” said Rouse.

He says he crashed in the practice round, but the rest was smooth sailing.

"It was nothing, but the steering wheel. I couldn't get the steering wheel right but my team helped me,” said Rouse.

That is what the driver of M.G.A. Con's car says the race is all about -- teamwork and community.

He says a shopping cart worked pretty well as a race car.

"The car handles pretty well because the frame is springy. One of the cons obviously is our brake set up. Maybe we'll improve it next year,” said driver Kyle Yentzer.

He says although he crashed at the end, it's all about getting the full experience whether you win or lose.

"I think this is something anyone who has the desire to do can do. It takes just a little ingenuity and a little engineering knowledge, and gravity does the rest,” said Yentzer.

For the gravity racing challenge, Next Level won third place, ACE Academy won second, and Woodfield Academy won first place.

For the Pro category, Mercer Legal Eagles won third, Team Superior came in second, and Hendrix took first place.

In the Shade Tree level, third place went to Ingleside Baptist, Attaway came in second and the Bike Broz slid into first place.

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