Gospel Gothic is a radio show that airs on Sunday mornings, but that's about all it has in common with most other faith-based shows in the South.

"While the South is hardly Christ-centered, it is most certainly Christ-haunted," says Pastor Jake Hall.

Hall, the show's main host, is a driving force behind the program's unusual approach to discussions of faith.

"We look to Americana music to explore these themes and to kind of break down the walls that exist between churches like mine and streets like Cherry Street," says Hall.

His team's not afraid to get political, either. The show condemned the violence in Charlottesville this summer by playing Woody Guthrie's song, "All You Fascists," and had this to say afterward:

"...[t]he war that you need to wage against fascism, or against hatred, or bigotry, or violence is a war of the mind and heart as much as it is a war that's fought with weapons."

Started nearly a year ago, the show blends secular and spiritual. It's a formula that's got listeners taking notice.

According to longtime listener Kelly Sullivan Joyner, the show "takes contemporary happenings like Charlottesville and...brings that spirituality and that faith..."

The hosts hope it's a place where people of all faiths -- or even no faith -- can connect.