The dog park that was expected to open this month in Warner Robins has now been delayed to August.

One of the park's lead organizers said Monday that continuous rain had delayed the work the city has been able to do, pushing back the opening date.

But, the park is still on schedule to open this year.

Wellston Park in Warner Robins will be located off Watson Boulevard.

The completed park will have the city's first official dog park, something Tia Jarvis says she's looking forward to.

“Because there's no dog parks around here, and we'd really enjoy to bring the dog with us,” Jarvis said while her dog was being groomed.

She says her four-year-old cocker spaniel Rusty would really enjoy the park.

“Because you have to exercise your dog and they need that interaction with other dogs,” she said.

Even after delays due to weather, there is progress at the park.

The one-acre dog park is now fenced in and grass is growing. Organizer Jim Taylor says a donation will help bring in more for the canine visitors.

“We've got equipment right now being built, agility equipment, with the kindness of our friends at the Community Foundation up there in Macon. They gave us $10,000 so we're having that equipment built and placed,” Taylor said Monday.

He added the rain has actually helped the city during some aspects of construction.

Dog park in progress

“A lot of work that is being done that you don't see is back on the trail, what's been good with the rain is that it's shown us where some drainage issues were. So the city's been great as far as coming in and piping all that and getting all that squared away,” Taylor said.

Construction is progressing in other areas also, the over a mile trail is getting paved and another park, in the center of Wellston, now has grass. Taylor said they are also working with a group interested in donating a gazebo for the park.

They will also pave the road into the park as well as the parking lot

The grand opening is now set for 10:30 on the morning of August 31, 2017. They plan to have live music and food trucks for the ribbon cutting.

So far, construction has cost roughly $85,000 of the $100,000 the city set aside for it last year. The other $1.4 million used for the park was donated, that includes the value of the land.

Taylor says those interested in donating their time or money to the project should connect with the Friends of Wellston Park Facebook page.