Food is frying, cattle are showing, and rides are spinning around, which means the Georgia National Fair is in full swing this weekend.

But with Hurricane Nate creeping up on us, Nicole Butler went to talk with a family visiting the fair about if the storm is dampening their experience.

Walking through the fair, hand and hand, the Dyer family can't wait to to see all that the fair has to offer.

So with tickets in hand. they took to sky, amazed as they floated above the lights, ready to scope out exactly what they wanted to do.

Mom, Donna Dyer, says with Hurricane Nate on the way, she's not concerned at all.

"I mean, there's no reason not to come and enjoy the day because today is the perfect day to be at the fair," Dyer said.

Her five-year-old son Trenton remembers back to earlier in the week when it was sunny with clear skies saying it just wasn't as fun.

"It was really hot and sweaty out and my mom didn't let me ride any of the rides much," he said.

But that wasn't a problem Saturday, bouncing from ride to ride, and they weren't the only ones enjoying the low temperatures.

Thousands of people packed into the fair

Richard Reithoffer is in charge of all of the rides at the fair and says the rides will remain open.

The only thing that could shut them down is severe lightning.

"All of the rides have to be braced and supported no matter what the weather is just in case you were to get a freak gust so pretty much they are already ready," Reithoffer said.

So, whether you are coming for the rides, food or games, Reithoffer says you'll be able to enjoy it all this weekend... saying the fair is ready to make memories you and your family will never forget.