Bibb County took the first step to creating a place for kids to learn and play baseball in west Macon.

Commissioners approved spending $750,000 of SPLOST funds to renovate Tom Fontaine Ballpark.

It is part of a program called Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities, or RBI.

Program administrator Jeff Battcher says they provide equipment and the cost of getting leagues started.

Batcher says they plan to have a ball field made out of turf and space for soccer and lacrosse.

The field is next to Matilda Hartley Elementary School, and Battcher says that could provide kids with a positive activity that could turn into scholarships down the road.

“This is an opportunity for that neighborhood and those kids to have a level playing field. Not only will we get some great athletes out of there but the educational opportunities, so this is a great opportunity for these kids and that neighborhood to get some pride that I think it’s been lacking. They're not the same as other parts of the neighborhood that we have in Macon,” said Battcher.

The Cal Ripken Foundation will contribute an additional $750,000 to complete the project.

If the full commission approves this at next Tuesday’s meeting, Battcher says they hope to have everything ready for the 2018 baseball season.