Macon's first two Red Cross shelters for evacuees are now full, and a third opened for those still looking for a place to stay. The East Macon Recreation Center has 129 evacuees; the North Macon Recreation Center has 150 people calling it home. Others seeking shelter can now find it at the Frank Johnson Recreation Center on Eisenhower Parkway.

Pamela Walker is running from Hurricane Irma's wrath and found refuge at the North Macon Rec Center.

“I'm very scared. I want to live,” Walker said. “They told us to evacuate, and this is where we at.”

She made the trip with four of her clients from the Unisex Xtended Living personal care home she owns.

“I’m from Chicago originally,” Walker said. “These kind of stuff storms and hurricanes, I'm not used to them, so it's all new to me.”

She’ll be sleeping on a cot inside a gym with 150 strangers for the next few days.

“I don’t know how I’m going to make it, but I'm doing what I have to do,” Walker said.

Bobby Young is in charge of the shelter for the Red Cross. He says staying overnight inside a shelter is a unique experience.

“A lot of times, you better bring ear plugs,” Young said. “Sometimes the snoring can get kind of loud and plentiful, but it’s not bad.”

Walker she's just thankful for a place to be safe...

“God’s got me, so I’m OK,” Walker said. “We are all in this together, so we all got to help each other.”

The Red Cross and Macon-Bibb Emergency Management will open more shelters as they are needed.