Unless Bibb County commissioners override Mayor Robert Reichert, taxpayers will pay their garbage fees once a year, through their property-tax bill.

In March, commissioners voted to do away with the quarterly bills and to attach the bills to property taxes.

County officials said that would increase the payment rate.

But some people in Bibb protested, saying the change meant a big annual hit.

Last week, by a 5-4 vote, commissioners changed their mind and voted to stay with quarterly bills.

On Wednesday, Reichert said, not so fast. He's vetoing last week's commission vote and plans to make those garbage fees due on March 31, 2018.

In his statement to the council, Reichert wrote, "I am confident the savings to the community will reduce our postage and processing costs."

He said the single payment will be " a burden and an inconvenience" at first, but in later years, people will get used to planning for the annual fee.

It takes six council votes to override the mayor's veto, according to spokesman Chris Floore.