A Macon man is charged with the murder of his daughter, Demetrice Bell, and with aggravated assault against his wife, Thelma Bell. Demetrice's niece, Demetria O’Neal, says she was like a mother to her.

O’Neal says her heart broke when she found out that her aunt was dead.

“It was so horrible,” says O’Neal. Sunday morning, O'Neal says she lost more than just an aunt. She says she lost a mother-like figure.

“She was one of the many that has always made sure that we got everything we needed,” says O’Neal.

The Bibb County Sheriff's Office says around 3 a.m. Mother’s Day morning, Demetrice was shot and killed by her father Benny Bell.

“It’s a guy that we all still love, so it’s like what do we do,” says O’Neal.

Demetrice's cousin, Cynthia Saulsberry, says they never expected Benny to do anything like this.

“They had their moments which I’m sure everybody does, but what kind of moment would you have to cause something like this,” says Saulsberry.

Now Saulsberry says they are praying for peace to come to terms with what happened.

“You know, understanding especially for her kids, because every Mother’s Day, this is something that they'll have to deal with,” says Saulsberry, changes that another cousin, Sharonda O’Neal, says will take time to get used to.

“Just her being here, you know, living life and being a mom to her kids,” says Sharonda.

For now, the relatives say they hold on to the good memories they shared with Demetrice.

“We did all kinds of stuff together, and she will definitely be missed,” says Sharonda.

No bond was set for Benny Bell. He remains in the Bibb County jail.