For months now, Central City Park has been under construction, and now the wait is over. Friday, cars will be lining up to take a peek at the new and improved Central City Park. After about four months of construction, the park will finally be back open. Some of the additions include a new skate park, amphitheatre, more pavilions and restrooms, as well as additions to the baseball park.

"Daily, there's folks out here with construction fences and bollards. The folks just keep coming. They just keep wanting to enjoy the park,” says President of the I.C.B Construction Group, Kenna Scragg.

He says it is the park’s new details that bring it to life.

"New sidewalks. New arrangement of sidewalks. You could walk for days out here now with all the sidewalks that are out here. Some outside pavilions is a great place for people to hang out for shade or to get out of the rain,” says Scragg.

The park's first big event will be the Cherry Blossom Festival, but with the addition of the skate park, festivalgoers will have to park elsewhere.

"There will be no in-park parking this year, but we've made arrangements where we have park and walk right outside the park. Then we have arrangements with the Macon Transit Authority to help people shuttle into the parks from the parking lots outside,” explains Don Bailey, the Cherry Blossom Festival Chairman.

There will be two free park and walk locations on Walnut Street for those visiting the park. There will also be four free park and ride locations with shuttles to and from Central City Park.

"If you don't want to have fun, you won't have fun, but if you want to have fun, come to the Cherry Blossom Festival,” says Bailey.

They say all of the park changes will only enhance the Cherry Blossom Festival experience. The Cherry Blossom Festival at Central City Park will be held from March 24th to April 2nd. Admission will be $5 a person. Children 10 and under will be free. Military Appreciation Day at the festival will be on March 27th.