Over the last five years, Jordan Green says he has learned the game of baseball at the West Macon Sports Complex.

“If it’s raining and it's wet, it’s hard to play on because it's slippery, and then the ball, it stops in the mud because it’s too damp and wet,” says Jordan.

However, Jordan says they often have to cancel practice because of the rain.

“One of my friends played here. He played on my team and then he went to Western,” says Jordan.

Jordan says a lot of his friends are leaving to play at other fields that do not have these problems. A situation his brother Jackson also knows.

“Some of them I think went to north Macon,” says Jackson.

Drainage issues are just one of the reasons their dad, Sherman, says the Youth Association of West Macon Youth Sports is asking the county to help fix these problems.

“I think this is the original fencing that’s been here 30-plus years,” says Sherman.

Sherman says it is hard to compete with other Macon fields that are getting renovations.

“You know, parents like to take their kids places where parks are nice, facilities are nice, and things like that, so I don’t blame them. We're trying to do the same thing to our park,” says Sherman.

Sherman says they want the park to be a positive place for kids in that area. That is why Commissioner Joe Allen says he is going to ask commissioners to allocate SPLOST funds for this.

“They'll either do that, or they’re going to hear the biggest uproar out of me,” says Allen.

Allen says Julie Moore, Macon-Bibb’s co-interim county manager, says it would cost around $500,000 to make basic renovations. Allen says that would include updating the drainage system, lights and fencing.

Allen says he also has blight bond funds that he can put towards the project.

Funding that Destin White says would go towards teaching kids more than just a game.

“When we play, we put all our effort in it, but if we lose, we're still going to try again,” says White.

If you are interested in signing your child up for the league, call Sherman Green at 478-335-5517.

Allen says he is also looking to invest more than $400,000 of 2012 SPLOST funds into creating a walking trail near the animal shelter.