Let's start the sizzle! The Macon Bacon is gearing up for their first season, and soon, they'll have a new place to run the bases. Renovations for the historic Luther Williams Field starts Monday.

The rails are coming down to make way for the $2.5 million renovation plans. In the coming months, fans can expect new seating a kids' play zone, and 2,000 square foot Beer Garden. The historic baseball field has not been renovated since 1991.

Macon Bacon president Todd Pund says the field is getting ready for the game and so is the team. Pund says managers are still recruiting players. So far, there are about 38 players on the roster. “There's a lot of things that can happen before these guys roll into town in May. From what I've been told, and I'm more familiar with the pro game than the college game, but I'm told that we have a pretty good roster and there's a very southeastern flavor to that roster,” said Pund.

Todd Pund says the project should be completed by May 1st. Macon Bacon's first home game is June 1st against Lexington County.