Soon, the Macon baseball team will have a new space to hit it out of the park. Thursday morning, Bibb County leaders took a tour of historic Luther Williams Field to see the new plans for their $2.5 million renovations.

The Luther Williams Baseball Field was built in 1929. “This is a wonderful blend of the new and the old,” said Macon-Bibb Mayor Robert Reichert.

But with a new baseball team stepping on the mound next summer, the team's co-owner, Steve DeLay, says it's time to prep the field for the big games. “We think it's really going to be cool for the community,” said DeLay. “It will all happen at once and so everything will start around the beginning of October.”

This $2.5 million-renovation project will update 10 areas in the stadium, starting at the entrance. There will be more than 30 places to buy food, souvenirs, and more, and soon you can buy local beer in the 2,000-square foot Beer Garden.

Reichert says the county is adding a family atmosphere to the stadium by including a Kids Zone section.
“They've added on the left field line and the right field line, some of these new contemporary features that people love to see, especially the millennials that really want to come for the entertainment but also to socialize with each other,” said Mayor Reichert.

But to stay true to the field's history, one thing that won't change will be the hand-operated score board and the players on the wall.

Another new feature the stadium will have is more seating. Steve DeLay says currently, the field can hold about 2,000 people, but with the new renovations, DeLay says the stadium will hold more than 3,200 fans. All renovations should be finished before the team's first game in June 2018.