A federal report blames a flight instructor for a fatalJanuary 2015 small-plane crash in Peach County.

The National Transportation Safety Board report says instructor Brian Powers, 78, of Byron failed to maintain a proper speed, which caused the plane to go into a tailspin.

Powers, the instructor, died in the wreck on Jan. 16, 2016.

The report says Powers was slowed the plane to demonstrate an "engine out" landing.

A witness said the plane "was moving a little up and down, like a boat on waves," as if it was "fighting the wind."

Pilot John Reynolds of Macon said plane "got real slow" and then the engine stalled. The plane crashed in a peanut field about 300 feet short of the runway.

Reynolds was seriously injured in the wreck.

The crash happened about a mile south of Lane Southern Orchards, off Highway 96.